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KMES Energy Services România Srl.

Based on a natural gas trading contract with our Company, we procure the natural gas quantity required for the supply of the Customer, we reserve the shipping, storage and distribution capacities necessary for transporting it to the site of consumption, and we sell the quantity specified in the contract, at the consumer endpoint, on a schedule determined according to the Customer’s needs.

Beside its core activity, the Company provides consultation to its partners related to natural gas consumption and trading, system operation and system usage, as well as other services connected to natural gas and energy supply (nomination, execution of organized natural gas market transactions, risk management, etc.)

Potential consumer groups for KMES Romania ltd.:

  • Consumers who procure from the distribution network and are not entitled to universal service
  • Consumers who procure directly from transit pipelines
  • Natural gas industry players with a Hungarian site and trading license
  • Natural gas traders with a site abroad

In the interest of making mutually advantageous deals we consider it important to reduce the risks of natural gas consumers, to facilitate the natural gas supply security of consumers, to recommend efficient natural gas consumption methods, as well as to take economic events related to legal regulatory changes into consideration in daily processes.

The long term goals of KMES Romania ltd.:

  • The Company’s primary goal is to play a defining role in Hungarian natural gas trading, in the process of market diversification created in accordance with the Hungarian legal and regulatory environment as well as the increasingly high expectations of consumers. 
  • As a part of our cooperation with consumers, the Company continually maintains its energetics, risk management and investment consultation activity.
  • Market monitoring, data collection, partner and competitor analysis, as well as the exploration of investment opportunities are among our goals.
  • Our further goals are participation in investment projects targeted at the development of the natural gas and energy market, as well as participation in electricity trading.

We monitor the development of the energy sector as well as the rapid increase of the world’s energy consumption, and we keep pace with them. With our perfectly prepared team we react to the events of the natural gas market instantly. The committed management and well-trained professionals of KMES Romania ltd. are capable of overcoming daily challenges and satisfying the expectations of our clients.

We hope that in the future we can welcome You among the partners of our Company!


dr. Gergely BALLA
General Director